Our Values

People are aware that AI will transform the future. But we believe that AI's impact depends on the values and priorities of those developing the technology. At Mai, we are guided by principles that will ensure AI is a positive force for individuals and society.

Not Human vs AI, It's Human + AI

We believe that AI should not be thought of as an opposition to human capabilities. Rather, the greatest potential lies in combining human and AI strengths.

Humans have qualities that AI may never match: creativity, empathy, emotional intelligence, complex reasoning, and intuition. Humans can imagine, dream, and inspire in ways that machines may struggle to replicate.

AI also has significant strengths: speed, scale, accuracy, optimization, and pattern detection. AI can take over routine tasks, freeing up humans to focus on more meaningful work.

By partnering humans and AI, we can achieve far more together than either could on their own.

Prioritize Partners & Services that Protect Your Data

We believe that data privacy and security should be top priorities in today's digital world. That is why we are committed to partnering only with organizations and services that share our dedication to protecting your data and using it responsibly.

  • We do not sell your personal data to other companies.
  • We work hard to maintain the highest security standards and safeguard your data from unauthorized access or breaches.
  • We will notify you promptly of any incidents that may affect your data, and we share information about data privacy risks so you can make informed choices.

AI for Groundwork, Humans for Excellence

We believe that AI should enhance human knowledge work by functioning as a consultative partner, not an outright replacement. Our goal is to collaborate with AI systems that augment our 10+ years of marketing expertise, not automate it away.

  • We implement AI to assist human knowledge workers with tasks like research, analysis, planning, and problem solving. But human judgment and oversight guide all outcomes.
  • We will craft AI in a way that acts as considerate consultants, presenting options, insights, and recommendations for humans to evaluate and make the final decisions on. The human is always in the loop.
  • We do not deploy AI for "hands-free" automation of knowledge work, as that could marginalize human talent and expertise
  • We will invest in ongoing learning opportunities for our human knowledge workers to ensure their skills evolve alongside AI. They will be even more valuable when working harmoniously with advanced AI.

Old-School Profit Orientation, No Venture Capital Unless Truly Needed

We believe in building a sustainable, profitable business the traditional way—not relying on venture capital investment alone. While venture funding has its place in the technology industry, it is not our primary strategy or measure of success.

  • We focus on serving our customers, meeting their needs, and delivering real value—not hyping up our business to attract investor capital.
  • We make operational decisions based on business fundamentals, not catering to speculative interests or short-term gains to favor venture backers.
  • We value independence and control over how we build our company, rather than potentially trading ownership and direction to raise funds.
  • We invest in growth that makes financial sense, not growth at all costs in a "scale over profit" model to gain more venture dollars.
  • We believe the most sustainable and resilient companies are profitable businesses. Think: Mars, Ford, Aldi, and Lego.
  • Our goal is to build a stable, thriving company that lasts for the long run

While venture funding plays an important role in the technology sector, that model is not right for us. We are taking an "old-school" approach focused on serving customers, delivering value, building a profitable and sustainable business for the long term. Our success will be measured by thriving on our own profitable merits, not on rounds of funding, speculation, or an ultimate exit for our investors. We believe that is the smartest way to build a company that stands the test of time.

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