About Mai


The parent company, Monolith Growth Consulting, is a performance marketing agency that helps Ecommerce and SaaS companies grow fast. We've been in the industry for 5 years, and we've developed methods that help us create strong client case studies.

We initially discovered GPT-3 back in 2020, and we determined at that time that the outputs were too inconsistent to be useful for marketers. We thought that it would take another 5-10 years before it was ready.

In mid-2022, with advancements coming from OpenAI's `text-davinci-002`, we saw some potential. We noticed the poor quality of existing AI copywriting alternatives (i.e. features for features sake), and we decided that we can do better.

We started building on November 1, 2022, and lo-and-behold, ChatGPT took the internet by storm by November 30, 2022. We knew that that the timing was right, and we decided to roll out our public beta by December 31, 2022.

Core Vision

Our vision is to help become the AI growth assistant of choice for Growth Managers & Marketing Managers, and help replace the need for specialist roles & tools

While AI replacing some human tasks is a bit scary, we fundamentally believe it is better as it raises individual productivity. And economically, higher productivity raises the standard of living for everyone. And cheaper goods & services create social mobility & equitable wealth.

The Monolith Team

Monolith Team
The Monolith Performance Marketing Agency Team

The Mai Team

Mai is currently being built by a core engineering & design team within the Monolith organization, with plenty of extra help from folks who are curious about the project.


If you're a software engineer, and:

  1. You dislike large frameworks like React.js
  2. You handroll your own frameworks for fun and reinvents the wheel like a Real ProgrammerTM
  3. You like Ousterhout's "Philosophy of Software Design" and disagree with many tenets in "Clean Code"
  4. You've trained some ML models whether in Google Colab or your own rented server, or
  5. You think that programming language doesn't matter, only problem solving does, then by all means, apply for a job here, and let's talk.

A distinctive business strategy can only be executed by people with strong fundamentals (i.e. they can recreate existing solutions & retheorize frameworks if they'd wanted to), so you'd be a good fit.