Meet Mai. It's like a Content Writing Marketing Agency, All Rolled Into One Expert AI Marketing Assistant

No more writer's block, no more stale content, no more prompting guesswork, and no more off-brand content.

Unlike other AI writing assistants, Mai comes with what we call the Spellbook. With Mai's Spellbook, you can create more diverse content with the Nudge feature, be more on-brand with the Brand Personality feature, and know fully the sources of facts with our Web Researcher feature.

Demo on How to Use the Web Researcher + Article Brewer to Create Citation-rich Articles

Mai Goes Beyond Just Articles - Watch How Quickly We Can Help You Make Great Work

Here's a deeper preview of what we call the Spellbook. The Spellbook contains multiple tools such as Content Brewers (which can create Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Articles, and all sorts of content) and Researchers (which can either search the Web or do a deep dive of an uploaded PDF document).

Using a fictitious brand named "BAM Whey Protein", this preview rapidly goes through 3 use cases: the Facebook Ads Content Brewer, the Google Ads Content Brewer, and the Article Content Brewer. You can try it out for yourself by signing up for free below.

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Our AI Writer is Loved by business owners, growth managers, content marketers, and copywriters like you

"With Mai's Article Content Brewer, I made a 1,000+ word article draft in less than 10 minutes. Edited it further in 30. I love how I can easily take the content of one brewer and put it into the next, whether it's the Facebook Content Brewer or Google Content Brewer. It's so easy to create an integrated campaign across multiple channels." - Anna O.

"Mai is a game-changer for my efficiency, especially when it comes to generating copy ideas -- no more writer's block! It's amazing how much it has improved my workflow!" - Blanche T.

"I've tried ChatGPT a couple of times, but Mai consistently provides better recommendations. It's my go-to tool for creating compelling content." - Mikee C.

"I work in an agency, and my workflow sped up for all of my accounts. It helped me spend more time on strategy & optimization, which helped me exceed my KPIs by 20%." - Hanz N.

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A Letter from Our Founder

Dear Marketer,

I'm Kenn, Founder of Mai & Monolith Growth Consulting. I started Mai after 4 years of Brand Management at Procter & Gamble, and after 6 years of running Monolith Growth Consulting, a performance marketing agency that I own. Over the past decade, I've learned what works for businesses of all sizes & industries.

Mai is founded with an ambitious goal -- to greatly scale our marketing know-how to more people in a more accessible way. Mai is not only an AI Assistant, but it's a consultant. It can use a wide range of marketing principles & techniques that are proven to work across multiple channels. It can also speed up research, allowing you to find just the right information from a book or resource.

We believe that with the pace of development in the Generative AI space, we believe that one of the most immediately impactful AIs will be a Marketing AI. People are astonished with the styles, poems, and articles that AI can conjure as of today. With further research from leading AI Research companies, and with some smart engineering from Mai & Monolith, a Marketing AI will be of most benefit to small & medium business owners, who need all the help they can get.

Ethical & honest marketing is also critical. A good marketing AI should be able to properly align itself with Brand Safety, and we believe that the first real pressures AI will go through is all about ensuring responsible content, just like how social media is being pressured to do so right now. No one is there yet, but we are committed to ensuring that we develop a Marketing AI that is well-aligned with ethical marketing practices, while bringing great financial benefit to many small businesses out there.

Kenn Costales Siganture

Kenn Costales
Founder, Mai

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What Makes Mai Special? 3 Big Ideas.

1. The Chatpad: A Better, Easier, & Simpler Way to Collaborate with AI Writers

We've used many language models, and there are typically three types of interfaces: a chat-only interface, a doc-only interface, or a chat-interface on one side + a word editor interface on another (that doesn't work on mobile)

We find these interfaces to be limiting & too complex, and we've developed a new interface that we call the Chatpad. It's a simple integrated chat and word editor experience, all in one place.

Old Way

❌ You have to switch from the chatbox to a word document, and vice-versa.

❌ Other tools use autocomplete, which disturbs your workflow.

New Way

✅ Chat & Word Editor is Integrated in One Place

✅ Natural Chat -> Edit -> Chat Workflow, Mirrors How You'd Work with Real People

2. The Spellbook's AI Content Brewers: Specially-Trained Content AIs that Ensure that You Always Follow Marketing Best Practices

While there are plenty of writing AIs out there, they all follow the same approach: they are light wrappers on top of existing AIs, and they all have the same limitations.

Most of the builders of these products have great engineering or finance experience, but the founding team lacks real-world marketing experience. They don't have knowledge about what marketing frameworks work, and they don't have knowledge about what frameworks don't work. Our 10+ years of experience in marketing will bridge that gap.

Old Way

❌ One general chatbot that does everything, but done in a mediocre way.

❌ No clear recommended structure of how to do things. You're not sure if you'll be doing it right.

New Way

✅ Our AIs and Content Brewers are Fine-tuned to do Marketing Use Cases, Achieves Better Output than the Average Marketer

✅ Content Brewers have specific fields to help you have strong defaults on how to do marketing. You don't have to do "prompting guesswork" that wastes time.

3. The Spellbook's AI Researchers: Specially-Trained AI Agents that Crawl the Web for Facts, and Helps you Deep Dive on Books & Product Catalogs

One of the main challenges of Generative AI is that it tends to make up information. The best way is for humans to directly control and inspect data, never to "fully rely" on AI.

Some folks may say that it denies the supposed purpose of AI, but we disagree: Generative AI as it stands is a word calculator, it does not have a clear sense of truthful / not truthful, it knows how to manipulate words.

Thus, the best way to help AI generate more truthful statements is to give it 2 possible inputs: 1) let it search the web and 2) let it go through books, catalogs, and documents you trust. This is how Humans & Generative AI can work together.

Old Way

❌ You're always have to second guess on whether or not the AI is making up information.

❌ You don't have control over how to better influence the AI's responses.

New Way

✅ You have more certainty & confidence with the AI, as you can now instruct the AI to search the web for facts & and its sources.

✅ You can get more accurate content about your products, technologies, and services, especially if you're a retailer, distributor, or ecommerce store with 1000+ products. All you have to do is upload your catalog.

✅ You get to truly partner with the AI and leverage its strengths -- it can rapidly search for the right information, and explains to you what it has found, with citations.

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AI Will Not Replace Humans. AI Assistants & AI Agents Will Elevate Us.

There are many contrasting opinions about AI. Some say the output is terrible, some fear it will take their jobs. For us, that represents a false premise: it's not "Human vs AI". It's "Human and AI".

We believe that AI is a tool that elevates human capabilities: it makes us more productive, more thoughtful, and more creative. AI Researchers did not summon a scary dragon that will eat us all. AI is a magic wand that elevates human potential.

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How Will Mai Elevate Marketers? 3 Ways.

1. Double Your Output & Double Your Conversions

We'd say that a doubling of output is on the conservative side.

The great thing about having your own AI Marketing Assistant is that you can now do things you previously could not have done: perhaps you've been holding off on writing long-form articles or a book, or perhaps you haven't tested out a channel such as Google. With Mai, you can now do all of these things, and more.

And imagine what will happen if you increase your volume of work? More people will see it, more people will be engaged with it, and more people will be sold. That's how you can double your conversions.

2. Become More Agile & Solve Your Throughput Problems

With Mai, you can now create more ad copies, and test them out quickly. The more you test ideas, the more your learn. The more you learn, the faster your product gets traction.

Imagine a new product launch. You know that some launches will be weaker than others. What's the best way to help it tide over? What's that extra jolt you can give to it? The answer, is simply more ads, more content, and more testing. You may have been constrained with capacity in the past, but now you can do it all.

3. Dare to Be More Ambitious with AI - Look to Test Marketing Ideas Faster & Better

In the past, time or capacity are reasonable excuses for not taking those first steps. But Mai can function as a consultant -- she can teach you some preliminary strategies to help you get started. With the Spellbook, there are clear prescriptions on what you should consider when doing content. Never again will you experience writer's block. And Mai can help take the load off editing & ideating, so that you can focus on the bigger strategic plays.

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Hope You're Having an Amazing Day!

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